Mic/Headset Combo not working on PC through jack

Hello everyone. I have a regular headset, the kind you use on your phone and it comes with a mic. I tried plugging it into my PC but the mic doesn't pick up sound. I checked through recording devices on the sound menu on Windows 10 and Stereo Mix was not picking up any sounds despite being enabled. Is there a specific way to hook this up? Anyone have the slightest info? I have a B350 MOBO.

Update: I have used this headset before on my laptop and PS4 and it works just fine,
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    Your pc jack connectors aren't built for input + output as the same time like your PS4, cellphones or laptop. You need a splitter but I don't know the exact name, maybe "mic/headset splitter" it's something like this:

    This way you can plug the headset connector to your output (speakers) and the mic to your mobo's mic entrance.
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