BSoD: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT while using demanding apps or games.

I've recently had a massive change in hardware(motherboard, cpu and ram switched), I've noticed that the cpu light on the MB goes in the following order Amber-Red-White-Green and then it boots up fine, its just when I play RAM intensive games or use apps the demand high usage of RAM that it brings up the BSOD, I've gone through Windows Memory Diagnostic and found nothing.
SFC /scannow - found nothing
Double checked if everything was correctly sitted on the board.

MB: ASUS Strix B350-F Gaming
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 - 3.2Ghz
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LED - 3200mhz (D.O.C.P)
SSD: 850 Evo 250Gb
PSU: Corsair 500Watts

Memory dump:

Would appreciate if anyone could help me with this one. :/
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