Smartphone's sd card turned as internal storage.

I in my moto g3 I was just trying out the option called format sd card as internal storage, and so on..
so everything was fine until I had moved my apps and images to the sd card mistakenly ! and since the sd card now read as internal storage Im confused how to move back all the data from my sd card to my phone's internal storage. what should i do!
I'm trying to undo all the moved data from my phone to Sd card. because for some reason the camera won't work, and says images can't be saved, and crashes.
I've been trying to find a proper backup tool to keep all the backups of my apps and pic to my pc and then remove the sd card and restore from the pc but all software I had found was either trail or didn't work. so please help me either with an answer how to undo the data that i've moved to sd card, or how to fix the camera.
thank you.
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    Your SD card is not part of the phones internal storage. Ya know, the 16,32 , 64gb the phone came with. (This is a newer feature btw)
    Your camera app is still looking for the external sd card to save the pictures on, since it cant find it - it can't save there. Just reset it to internal storage if thats easier for you.

    otherwise these may help
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