My Pc wont turn on after i change the ram around. Red light to orange/yellow color Please Help

My Pc has been fully working with no problems what so ever, my friend told me that i should not have my ram not next to each other, so i did this and my pc refused to go to bios or have a screen. I changed the ram back to the original spot and still it is not working. I have changed the ram around three times so i don't think it is a problem with a And yes i have tried booting up with one stick yet again it wont work. My mother board starts with a red light then goes to a orange / yellow color Please Help
Pc Parts
Cpu: i5-7500
Gpu: GTX 1060 3g
Mobo: H170F
Ram: 2x4gb 2133 Hyper x

I also posted a video of my problem (20-30secs)
All help is apreciated
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  1. Tried a clear cmos?
  2. Vic 40 said:
    Tried a clear cmos?

    Yeah trying it now thanks :)
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  4. Hi i cleared the cmos and that didn't work. But i did get my pc to boot up working after i moved both ram sticks to the very right after attempting multiple combinations of placing my ram. I'm not sure what happen but after placing the ram on the two slots i hadn't been using is a mystery, i will borrow 2 ddr4 slots of ram from my friend to see if i broke something on one or two of the left ram slots.
    Thanks for the help though :)
  5. Seems like one channnel isn't working right. Could check the cpu cooler,see if it is placed evenly on the cpu,if not and too much pressure on one side might cause this. Otherwise might it be the board that has gone bad or (unlikely,but ....) the cpu itself.
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