Need suggestion about i5-7600 with gtx 1070

ok so after all the thinking and research my brain hurts therefore i am posting this question.

I bought pc parts to make my first gaming pc, and i selected all parts so that i don't need to upgrade it for next 3 years at least, list of the parts are as follows

CPU: intel i5-7600
GPU: Asus strix 1070 8gb
Mother Board: Asus Strix B250F
RAM: corsair vengeance 16gb ( 8 x 2 )
SSD: samsung 960 evo 250gb
HDD: seagate baracuda 2tb
PSU: thermaltake se730w(630 was not available)
cooling: cryorig m9i (because it was cheap and looks better than stock cooler)
Casing: Corsair Carbide Spec 04

here is the main question.
Is the processor OK for this build? i didn't bought the 7600K because i am not planning on overclocking plus it would be useless with this mobo? according to my research i need a z270 mobo to actually use the K processor to its full extent.

i dont do any video rendering/streaming etc, the most work i am going to do is some web development on visual studio and i think 7600 can handel that easily.

plus kindly tell me if i should replace any thing from this built.

all the parts are in my possession now but i think i can return few of the parts to replace them.

i am confused like hell. kindly solve this confusion for me. as i have already crossed my budget. but i need some future proofing therefore i can spend a little more if needed.

one more thing, i currently have sony bravia screen which can support 1080p, i am planning on buying 1440p monitor soon but not right now as it is not fair to use 1070 for 1080p gaming (IMO)

any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s: sorry for any grammar mistakes.

[EDIT] recently while searching for UPS i read reviews recommending not to buy thermaltake power supplies.
is this correct. should i change my power supply?
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  1. I dont like the Case:D Personally but other then that everything is good, you are buying the i5 why not go for i7 if possible
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  2. nitinvaid20 said:
    I dont like the Case:D Personally but other then that everything is good, you are buying the i5 why not go for i7 if possible

    thank you for the prompt response.

    i don't know it doesn't look that bad in person, i know its small but its also cheap, and among all the cheap case options i have here this one was better looking.

    the reason for not choosing i7 was it was a bit expensive, ~100$ difference between i5 and i7, i saved money from the processor and invested it in GPU.

    it was either i7 7700 with gtx 1060 or i5 7600 with 1070. and i researched a lot and every post suggested to go with the build with better GPU. so that's it.

    plus will i7 help gaming wise, i know the higher thread number is good for multi tasking but is this upgrade worth 100$?
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