How is this build and what games should i play?

Here are the specs:
8 gb ram
525w psu
dell workstation psu
r7 260x
Suggest what games to play games that will work on 40+ fps and on what setting and resolution and will the cpu bottleneck?
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    pretty much any ps4 game with about the same resolution as them. It should be able to play any game at 720 p or above 60fps. If i remeber right that cpu is about the equivalent of an i7 920 so its fine to push that gpu.
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  2. The videocard will be the main limitation. When it was new, that card was slightly above entry level gaming, that was a long time ago. However, by keeping the resolution at 720p and experimenting with the settings of each game, I think you should be able to find playable framerates on most everything.

    The exceptions would be the newer games that really push the CPU. Even though you have the cores and threads, it's old tech and much slower than what new games need. Also, ironically, as you game at lower resolution then performance is more of a function of the CPU than videocard, since at low resolution the videocard isn't being leveraged as much. Bottomline is some games won't run well because your entire system is too slow, not because one component is too slow.
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  3. Thank you both of you. Any other video card older at same price point i should get?
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  4. Your pc is pretty awesomely balanced but if you were wanting to reach the highest i would take that cpu the 1050 ti is probably the top where after that you would really want a better cpu to push a higher card. happy gaming bud
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