green and pink dots nad lines on screen

hello guys, first thanks for you time and help

I have GTX 780 EVGA FTW (for 4 years)!

so i was playing normaly a game, and then suddenly the game frooze and green and pink squares have appeared on my screen, after that the screen then became black and the game stopped working and a notice said: ur nvidia driver stopped working, and restarted.. so i have searched over the internet and found that the cause might have been the driver. i unisntalled the driver and re-installed it and same thing happenned over and over! after that a friend of mine told me maybe i should boot my pc and install a fresh windows, and so i did that too, but then, the green and pink dots have become apparent even on my desktop even if im not ingame! and before i even instal the cards driver (just like in the photo bellow), after that i installed the driver on this new fresh windows but this time the driver always crashes, when windows start, it starts only on 600x resolution and doesnt detecte my video card. is my card fried? or is something wrong with my MB or RAM? i am currently using the MB integrated GC. i have also switched the slot of my graphic card inside the MB but same problem! plz help, plz dont tell me its my GC :( :( :( t
this is what happned during my old windows" class="img lazy">

this is when i formated my computer" class="img lazy">" class="img lazy">
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  1. Try running DDU in safe mode then reinstall your drivers when done. Make sure you back up any vital files before doing this.
  2. already did that, even in safe mode i see those lines! and i have reinstalled a fresh windows, and this happen even before i instal any driver to my gtx 780! my computer specs are sky high and my PSU is 80 gold 1000W
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    Your GTX 780 is likely going bad then. Though I can't rule out the PSU giving it bad power. what is the exact make and model of your PSU...80 gold @ 1000W doesn't mean it is a good PSU just that it is supposed to be efficient and capable of 1000Watts...something lower tier PSU claim a lot but frequently fail to actually deliver on.
  4. seasonic X 80 plus gold
  5. how will i know if its my PSU?
  6. No your PSU is great...Seasonic make some of the best out there. So yeah leaning towards your GPU then.
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