will 500w psu work with asus gtx 770 directcu ii oc 2gb

hello, i have 500w psu, on the page its says you need 550w psu. could my 500w will be enough
cpu=i3 3220
gpu=asus gtx 770 directcu ii oc 2gb
ram=8gb single channel ddr3 vengeance 1600mhz
hdd=465GB Hitachi HTS725050A9A362 ATA Device
mobo=MSI H61MU-E35(B3)
at full load?
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  1. Which brand is that PSU?
  2. Kasper Jorgensen said:
    Which brand is that PSU?

    My psu is sl-500a
  3. Assuming it's a Inter Tech sl500a, that's a very crappy low quality PSU. So the answer is no, you cannot use that when you need 550w. Get a good quality 550w PSU.
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    Would recommend upgrading your PSU, as stated above it is not a very high quality PSU and it's not worth ruining parts to save a few dollars.
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