:-( Auto restart after Overclocking attempt

Hello everyone,

New to overcloking...not much knowledge so bare with me :)


i5 4690K 3.5 ghz
Zalman CNP2SX cooler
gigabyte Z97 mini itxgaming-5 (rev 1.0)
GeForce gtx 1060 Zotac 3GB

Basically I follwes this guide to the letter: https://youtu.be/up0sZl26ei4

Except I changed the multiplier to 40 instead of 43 (giving 4,0 ghz)

Voltage vcore Aer at 1,25

As soon as I het restart and save the pc rebooted and then immediately switched of and does this continueosly ... sometimes getting the startup logo of gigabyte and subsequently restarting ... nothing I can physically do or enter. The pc doesn't make it to the bios ...

Any tips of what to do next ? Any possibility of forcing back normal settings ? :-(

Any tips or help greatly appreciated ! Thanks
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  1. Needs higher CPU voltage.
  2. Try to find a reset button on your motherboard, or start bios without a cpu installed, if your mobo supports it
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