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I played the living hell out of destiny 1 back on ps4, now that Destiny 2 is out, I am torn between PC and PS4. For PC, I want the uncapped fps where the ps4 version is at 30fps, but PS4 is where all my friends are at. What do you think I should do?
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  1. My personal opinion is after playing both the PS4 beta and the PC beta I have to say the extra 2 months wait for the PC version worth it. It's buttersmooth on PC, very well optimized. So all in all it's a far superior version. In the end its up to you. Do you wanna play with your mates or do you want to play the definitive version of the game.
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  2. I bought it early because I couldnt wait, if you have the manpower to wait until the PC release, I 100% recommend this, you are not missing out on anything aside from people running around and farming random junk. If you get it when the PC release comes out, that means less bugs, and more content!
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  3. mark this as solved :P
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  4. The PC version is better, here a nice deal:
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