Overclocking Amd Fx6300 are my results good? Overclocked for a smooth PUBG experience.

I have aida and amd OverDrive on when stresstesting. With Prime 95 on for an hour i get no errors and I am stable. Socket temperature goes up to 62C maximum and the cpu temperature goes to max 51. Are the temperatures good? Are my Bios settings good? What should I change more if I want a better Pubg experience.. Have a 960 gtx 4gb, msi 970 gaming mobo and 16 Gb ram kingston 1600mhz.



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  1. hello, 62c is safe for max temp, i guess you have an aftermaket air cooler. bios settings seem pretty much ok, only thing u should change is ht-link. Ht-link and nb-frequency should be at the same clock speed. but even if u leave it as it is, the ht-link clock will match that of nb, it cant go any higher. Also, what is your vcore on cpu-z? cause it seems a little high to me. do you have LLC enabled?
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