What has happened to PC gaming world?

Hi all,

are there any good games that are not console ports nowdays? I've used to play AAA tactical shooters like SWAT 3,4, Rainbow six, Ghost recon series and they've all turned into mindless arcade sh** now. With few exceptions like ARMA 3, I can't find any decent tactical shooters with AAA graphics (and arma has by no means AAA graphics).

Same goes for flight simulations. I used to play Jane's series, MS flight simulator, Falcon 4, IL2, Lock on and all I can find now is handful of small studios making flight sims with totally outdated graphics (the only semi exception I could find was ED's DCS World).

Last good historic RTS I've played is Total War series (going off track with warhammer now:-( ) and World in conflict.

Is this just a phase or are we condemned to poorly optimizes mindless console port future (our PCs are capable of doing so much better)?
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  1. Star Citizen? It's still in development though.
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  2. chimera201 said:
    Star Citizen? It's still in development though.

    I have my fingers crossed. I really enjoyed playing wing commander 3 and 4.
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  3. That about covers it. It's not generally finacially wise to just release on PC since the console base is so much larger. Sucks, but that's life. You can find some indi type titles that are only PC but not generally high end graphics.

    Having saud that, I really enjoy BF1, Witcher, Fallout, Borderlands, Dishonored, and the like.

    DCS really is the king of flight sims right now. I wish someone would release a WWI flight sim for VR. But again, small base so not likely to happen.
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  4. Some PC ports get major overhaul and are like the definitive editions, in example higher fps, resolution and better graphics and some games have even mod support not found in consoles. And if you like playing FPS with mouse and keyboard, you are stuck with gamepads on console. What comes to my mind as a good example is example GTA V.

    And without the success of consoles, we would probably have less of those games. If pc games would be successfull as console games, they would polish them much more. Look, even Overwatch have much more console players versus pc players.
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  5. Do you play PUBG?
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  6. There are always going to be developers that pander to the console crowd. It's a very easy and relatively captive audience. It also allows a bit of laziness on the developer's part since the hardware is completely canned.

    That said, many indie developers as well as many in general still create games for the PC first and then port to the consoles. And other developers add PC to the equation after, these are the biggest concern as many get lazy about optimizations as well as unlocking more power (Team Ninja, we're looking at you). One of my gripes is established companies (Squaresoft) not recognizing the possibility of PC. Utrawide ratio support and unlocked frame rates are just not considered. I hope FF15 gets properly released on PC with all unlocks, but won't hold my breath.
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  7. Black Desert Online is a really nice looking PC MMO, however it will be getting ported to console soon :(
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  8. PUBG, this game is amazing and will be the future of FPS
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  9. You should mark this as solved now :P
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