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Hello guys, I need help, i have MSI gtx 1060 armor oc gpu and I need to overclock it, I don't know how, and how much, about gpu, i have i7-7700k and i need overclock it too, and how much GHz
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  1. Every chip are different so it's a question of high how your specific chip can go.

    For the GPU - Use the included MSI software to overclock. You cannot really do much wrong on a modern GPU as it will just start to throttle when it gets too hot.

    For the CPU - You do have a Z270 motherboard right? Start by increasing multiplier 1 step at a time and test 1 hour if prime95 everytime. If it's stable then move on 1 step more. When it's no longer stable increase Vcore. Don't go higher than 1.35V unless you know what you are doing. Also make sure to have a good cooler as I7-7700K is known to be running hot.

    Also make sure you have good quality PSU before attempting to overclock. Don't overclock with a cheap crap unit.
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  2. Yeah i have Z270 motherboard, but can you send me some site link how to do it, if you can find me video how to oc.
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  3. Which PSU do you have?

    For guides I assume you know how to Google and searching on YouTube right?
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