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Hello there,
My computer has been restarting while playing video games for atleast a month now. At first, it only affected a few games but now almost every game I play I experience issues.
Specs: Intel i7-4790K CPU, Maximus VII Hero motherboard, GeForce GTX 770, and 16 gigs of ram. I monitored my temps and PSU voltage while playing CS:GO. Results are:
I believe the slight 9.9% overclock might be at fault for this. How can I underclock my CPU, back to the default 4000 MHz, using the bios provided with the Maximus VII Hero motherboard?
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  1. How many watts is you psu? kinda sounds like you just arent getting enough power to the pc. Rolling back the overclock will help and if your not sure how to under clock it properly just reset the bios to default this will be the safest option.
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