Gaming at high frame rate for 10-20 minutes then dropping down to low frame rate and sustaining

I don't understand how or why this happens. I'll be gaming for a while (PUBG, Hellblade, GTA V) and my FPS will tank and stay in that range. What's the issue?

CPU: i7 6800k
GPU: GTX 1080 Ti
Mobo: MSI X99A SLI Plus
RAM: 16 GB

Edit: Also gaming at 1440p
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  1. Hi, what is temperature of your cpu and gpu when your fps starts dropping?
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  2. GPU: 65 C degrees
    CPU: 62-68 C degrees

    No thermal throttling
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  3. Interesting, this usually would lead me to believe it is something with overheating, but your temps are pretty low. Could you share the CPU and GPU usage when these drops happen?
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  4. GPU is around 100-110
    CPU about 90% max
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  5. Do your cpu and gpu speeds (Ghz) drop when this happens?
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  6. GPU stays at 2012 Mhz (OC'd)
    CPU, I guess I don't monitor the freq. If it doesn't, could it be the cpu? I have it OC'd at 3.7
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  7. Oh and I just booted up Rainbow Six Siege. I shouldve been getting crazy FPS but averaged at 30. Fucking waste of money
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  8. If the cpu speed drops then the cpu is being throttled, it is then a case of working out why.

    I'd also take off your OC, a bad OC could cause problems.
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  9. I took the OC off and Im having the same issues. D:
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  10. i don't know what the thermal limit is for the 6800k, but it seems like I may be hitting it. After many hours of testing with no OC's and OC's, get around 65-68 C regardless and my FPS will drop. I guess I need a better cooler and/or thermal paste. (Astek 510) or figure out how to raise the temp threshold on my CPU (never gonna happen)
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  11. Did you prove the cpu speed was dropping?
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  12. Hope all worked out well!
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