Assistance Please! DG41RQ Problem. No Video Signal using integrated graphics VGA and followed by 2 beeps on startup!

Gone through the guide, want to use integrated gpu for startup. No display and 2 beeps code pattern persist when mobo is on!

My build list.

Mobo ; Intel DG41RQ
CPU: Intel - Celeron E3500 2.7GHz Dual-Core Processor
Memory: Crucial - 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2-800 Memory
PSU: 300W Model IP-P300DF1-0 (Foreign PSU/SPSU) Not Modular, Brand is Power-man

This mobo is suppose to replace an old mobo i had years ago, ASUS P5QPL-AM.
The chipset is the same (G41) , both are LGA 775 Socket, BOTH have integrated graphic cards, same RAM module and speed required, mATX form factor. Difference is parallel port.

I have read the guide on this website and triple checked cables connection, cmos battery (and resets), and also memory plus cpu compatibility and seating.

Even after attaching only the monitor VGA cable, RAM, CPU and PSU to this mobo, I still encounter two beeps that repeats forever. What is more frustrating is that there is no display on the monitor when using VGA from the integrated graphic card. So I can't find out the error without the visuals.

Is there a solution to this?!

I have:
- Removed ram and blow any dust from ram slots; failed
- Bought new ram and test it
- Reseated with only 1 memory stick
- Buy new cpu ;
- Tested PSU on other computer; PSU is not the problem
- Cmos battery reset (removed and isolated over 1 hour) ; Jumper also re-positioned and removed; both still no luck in display - beeps are gone
- Replaced cmos battery ; 2 beeps pattern and No display

Would installing a discrete GPU actually bypass the problem? Because so far buying the other necessary parts have not done anything.
Please help, I have been trying to solve this problem over 2 weeks.

Thank you!
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    According to the manual (, there's no error code that goes as two beeps (see page 61).

    Considering how old the hardware is, and the parts you seem to have bought already, before buying anything else i would take the board to a store where they can test with discrete gpus and other available parts to see what's wrong with it. I wouldn't buy anything new for it. It may cost a little to have it diagnosed, but not more than new parts that may or may not help.
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