Is there any auto-OC software for MSI boards?

So as the title reads.
The processor is 4790K.
The Motherboard is Z97 Gaming-7 series of MSI.

Is there any software that OverClocks your CPU for you?
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  1. You should be able to use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility:

    However realistically you should conduct your overclocking through the BIOS. Just be sure to follow all necessary precautions for obvious reasons.

    I believe you can also use MSI Command Center for temporary overclocks-,
    As MSI Command Center does not save your overclocking settings, so a restart would wipe your settings back to default.
  2. Are there no similar software to that of the Asus AI suite or something.. what was it called?
    On a PC I once had, I pressed a button and it was permanently overclocked til' I reinstalled the OS.
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    I believe you're referring to Asus Overclocking Tuner. I'm not 100% sure but I'm fairly certain that's specific ASUS boards only.

    Your MSI alternatives are the command center (which is temporary) or the MSI OC Genie built into certain MSI motherboard BIOS.

    MSI OC Genie is an excellent in built tool by the way.
  4. Yeah, my bad :P I used it a while ago, but totally forgot its name.
    I will take your advice, as you did answer my questions n' so.
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