I need to know if this 500w Power Supply is compatible with my motherboard.

Been having some issues with a computer I got off of Newegg.

Customer Service offered to send me a 500w Power Supply to replace my 250w one. It's literally twice as powerful, and I'm wondering if my motherboard can handle it. It's got an Intel Quad-Core i5 2400 upto 3.40GHz, which sounds good and all but I just need to double check before I go through with this!
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  1. Did you tell them it was the Optiplex 990 you were having issues with or just the power supply itself?
  2. Yes.
    The full story is, my graphics card was defective so I asked for a replacement. However, the replacement they sent me is too powerful for my power supply to handle (requires a maximum of 300w while mine only has 250w). That's when they offered to give me an upgrade.
  3. Go for it. :)
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    Although PSU is 500 W, it doesn't mean the output is all 500 W. It means the sum of all the consumption you can get out of PSU is at most 500 W (aging is likely to reduce this capacity). For each power cable connected to PSU, it will have its own smaller power supply and should not burn your motherboard if connected correctly with suitable cables. Moreover, I think any modern motherboards will have protection mechanism to avoid excessive power which will damage any components. Hope this helps. 500 PSU is good to have, it may enable you to do some future upgrades compared to 250...
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