Will the Xeon e5450 still bottleneck a 1050 ti if OC'd to 4GHz?

I'm looking to build a sff console killer (PS4 pro/Xbox one s) that is under $400. I decided to get the lowest watt usage quad core cpu that is clocked at 3GHz, since my max psu is 280W and I want it to stay under that when OC'd to 4 GHz.
General specs are:
Xeon e5450 (OC'd to 4GHz)
Zotac GeForce 1050 ti low profile
16gb ddr3 ram (4x4)

Will the processor be able to keep up with the graphics card, or will it still bottleneck?

And if it does still bottleneck the gpu, can it keep up with the GTX 1050 in alternative?
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  1. That is an 80W 10 year old CPU. WHY would you get that when you could get a Ryzen 3 1200 at 3.1Ghz and only 65W?

    There are WAY better choices than an 10 year old CPU ...
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  2. Because I'm putting all of this hardware in an optiplex and if I were to use more expensive prebuilds, then it would cost more than the PS4 pro/xbox one s, which isn't what I'm going for...
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  3. The only problem I see is that it's an aged quad core, low IPC even with OC and has no HT access, slowing it down considerably in higher end games like BF1, pubg, Witcher 3 etc. It'll more than likely get out-performed by both the ps4 and the xbone in multi-thread games of that nature. It won't be the gpu holding it back or any bottlenecking on the gpu side, but the inability of the cpu to cope with the code intensity of those newer games.
    16Gb is wasted on a low end build, you simply aren't pushing the resolution or refresh necessary to need more than 8Gb. Most all games will be running 4Gb-5Gb at best.
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  4. Well I added that much ram because it only costed me $10 per 4gb ram stick and i couldnt turn down that offer, I added that way before I had plans on turning this into a gaming rig
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  5. People nowadays seem to forget how much power those 45nm chips sucked down back in the day.

    The 45nm C2Q @ 4GHz alone uses 200w so you'd better have enough cooling for that, and note that doesn't include the memory controller so add the 26w the P45/G45 Northbridge chip uses. With the 75w 1050 you are already above 300w and have no power left to run any RAM or drives.

    In order to equal a console, especially an 8-core 2.1GHz one like the PS4 Pro or 2.3GHz Xbox One X, you'd need a far more powerful PC because console game ports aren't known to be very well optimized. Just barely matching their specs would make for a PC that's much slower than a console.
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  6. And what about that PSU, can it deliver enough current on the 12V rail to support that GPU.
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  7. New scenario guys/girls, I'm scrapping this build and using this alternative, but I still need to figure out weather to upgrade my current GPU or not, at this link http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-3520730/core-quad-q9650-bottleneck-gtx-750.html
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  8. Kasper Jorgensen said:
    And what about that PSU, can it deliver enough current on the 12V rail to support that GPU.

    Surprisingly yes, the PCIE x16 slot gives out exactly enough power, giving out 75W
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  9. I didn't ask about the pcie slot, they are all rated for 75w. I asked about you PSU, what is the full model name of that.
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  10. I want to say that psu more than likely came from a Dell pc, like a C521. If it did, there's a good chance it's a Delta OEM unit, in reality it would be a 300w or so unit, but Delta likes to downsize possibilities so would claim it as 280w instead. Or it could be FSP or Great wall, in which case it's really a 250w unit with jacked minor rails.
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  11. Pls never ever try to buy a very old cpu on a obsolete platform. I don't think it will bottleneck the gpu, if yes then also not by big margin for now. But eventually you will realize that you have made a wrong decision because the old cpu simply can not keep up with modern titles at low specs specially when games become more CPU bound than gpu and I think you are targeting 1080p or low. At lower res games will indeed stress the cpu and you will see the bottleneck if not today but very soon.
    So wait, save some money, buy a better one like Ryzen 3 + cheap mobo + GTX1050 or a RX similar+ 8GB for now + 450W psu and you are ready for next 3-4 yrs without much compromise.
    Don't waste your money on this crap I would say.
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