No air cooler, so Corsair h60 with ryzen 1700 good buy or waste of money?

I personally want performance and i dont overclock now but i have spare money and want to do it l in the future and just buy the cooler just to get it out the way now so when i want to overclock i can just go, but i also want the build to look clean and good but air coolers, anywhere below $50 look kind of ugly to me. So would buying an corsair h60 instead be a good buy or waste of money i trust your guys opinion. Also how long would it last me i also care about lifespan as well.
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  1. The Corsair H60 is an awesome cooler. I've had mine over the process of 3 builds and its still kicking. I still think it looks better than the new versions and its only $64 on amazon right now!
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    The problem you face is that no a CLC type cooler performs as well as a comparably priced air cooler. The Corsair $60H55 for example doesn't even keep up with the $25 hyper 212

    And then look here and we see the $45 Fuma matching temps with $160 CLC coolers like the A40 but the CLcs are almost twice as loud.

    The Fuma performs on par with the Scyther Mugen Max ($37) as well as the $90 Nuctua NH-D15 and Cryorig R1 Ultimate,

    CLCs have:

    weak pumps
    ineffiicent aluminum radiators
    extreme speed fans if competitive w/ air coolers
    mixed metals (galvanic corrosion)
    No way to add corrosion inhibitors at end of their useful life

    If you want to 'go water", the only All in One's I can recommend are the Open loop units units from Swiftech and EK and the only thing that is going to top an air cooler in that category will cost you $150.
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