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Hello everyone

First post here. I have built a few PCs before but now play more on XBOX than PC. However, I would like a cost effective upgrade for my old gaming PC to be able to run Total Warhammer 2/some other games at a reasonably high rate. I am wondering if it would be worth upgrading the Graphics Card only or whether I need a full rebuild (if possible I would like to upgrade only GFX) ? Is there anything else that desperately needs upgrading?

If I can just upgrade the GFX, any suggestions? I would like to keep it as cheap as possible but could stretch to £1-250. I am thinking the Geforce 1050ti OC /Radeon 460- would this make enough difference?

I am not bothered about 4x or anything; I just want a reasonable gaming rig that will play things at a reasonable level.

My system is as follows: GTX 750ti
8GB ram
Windows 7

The recommended stats for the main game I will be playing are:
Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10 64 Bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 3.20 Ghz
Install Size: 60 GB
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2 GB/AMD Radeon R9 270X 2 GB at 1080P
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    A GTX 1050Ti will give you a good performance boost as it is "effectively" the newest technology version of the 750Ti, which typically means, more performance, with less power. The 1050Ti plays modern games pretty well for a budget, entry level GPU.

    You could even stretch further, overclocking the 3570k and opting for a 1060 6G (assuming you don't buy at inflated prices), would boast an even bigger boost, assuming you have the appropriate PSU to suit.
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  2. Thanks. I am now looking at the 1060 6GB. I need to check my PSU can handle it. Any suggestions as to how to find out? Apologies for the nub questions. I know I bought a bigger PSU last time as it blew
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  3. Yes mate ,just open your case & the tell us the brand & model number from the label.

    Or take & photo & post a link.
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  4. Its not the best quality PSU but it'll manage that easily enough.
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  5. Just remember that many GTX 1060 still have inflated prices due to the cryptocurrency demand, so don't jump on the first ones you see.

    Equally the PSU will need to have the appropriate PCIe connection for the GPU, not just the wattage.

    Also if you plan to overclock your CPU, a third party cooler is recommended if you havent already got one. The Intel stock coolers are generally lower performance, especially of the earlier generations.
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  6. Thanks for all of the advice.

    I tried to OC with stock cooler and it runs hot (even at 4.0GHZ) . Any suggestions for a 3p cooler?.. I have ordered the 1060 and will see what happens.
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  7. On a budget a gammaxx 300 is a cheap quick fit easy solution .

    It'll easily handle that i5 upto about 4.3ghz .

    DEEPCOOL CPU Air Cooler 3 Heatpipes, 120mm Fan, GAMMAXX 300 for Intel/AMD, AM4 ready

    Some people don't like the fact it uses the stock Intel push pins , others would argue it's a bonus if you don't want to less about changing backplates etc.
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  8. Thanks again Matt. Could someone with 10 thumbs and no idea fit it easy enough?

    Will it fit on my Z77 D3h MOBO?
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  9. xzile98 said:
    Thanks again Matt. Could someone with 10 thumbs and no idea fit it easy enough?

    Will it fit on my Z77 D3h MOBO?

    Yes and yes. The push pin system can be fiddly, but it will probably just take a minute. Just make sure to have some cleaning alcohol ready to wipe up the old thermal paste. To detach the old intel stock cooler, rotate the pins in the direction of the arrows. That should retract the pins.
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  10. I would say RAM or maybe new CPU, thats just my opinion though and what I would do in the scenario.
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  11. I just wanted to thank everyone for the assistance. I now have my 3570k OC'd at 4.3GHZ at a very stable 60C at full load (Prime95) running a 1060 6GB. THe games I want to play look amazing in Ultra settings and this is just what I was after. The key difference was buying the recommended heatsink and some MX-4
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