How can I improve the fps in League of Legends?

Hi!, I have a very weak laptop... a Celeron N2815 at 2.11 Ghz, 2gb ram, Intel HD graphics...... I can play LoL the first time I downloaded it to my laptop... got sick of the fps and deleted it.... Im playing now only in internet cafes... now I wanna try it again and make League work again in this laptop... Any suggestion?... The toning down of settings is very self-explanatory.. But Im looking for more...from the first time I play League my fps during roaming is 45fps and goes down to 5 when in team fights.... Help Me :(
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  1. nothing other then getting a better laptop, that a netbook.
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  2. You could try setting the priority of your game to high, therefore reserving more of your system resources to your game, this can help sometimes. Sadly there isn't too much you can do as the laptop is extremely outdated. I would check drivers, set the priority, set low settings, and make sure your laptop has enough airflow wherever you are playing it. (AKA Don't play on a blanket, floor, etc. Use a desk or table of some sort.)
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  3. Agreed with Rgd.
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  4. Any legit mods I can install??
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  5. TO make the game run faster? Nope.
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