Mouse and sometimes keyboard keeps disconnecting and reconnecting


So yesterday i started encountering an issue with my mouse disconnecting and reconnecting while i was playing PUBG.
I hear the sound when an USB is unplugged and then my PC freezes for a few seconds and then i hear plug in sound and then the mouse works again for 10-20 minutes.

So i read alot of threads with similar problems and did all the potential solutions i could find but none of them worked.

And now it has became even worse as my keyboard is also randomly disconnecting and reconnecting.

I have a steelseries sensei mouse which another guy with the same issue had, ( Link to that guy ).

I have a feeling that the power maybe is not enough since 5 days ago i overclocked my CPU from 3500 mhz to 4400 mhz ( Intel i7 4770k ).

Sorry for the long post and my broken English, but i'd be happy to see if anyone has a solution for this!

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  1. if you think its the power then use your CPU with Stock clock and remove the Chasis Fan temprory and then see if you still have the keyboard and mouse issue or not
    if yes then it looks like the USB ports issue to me
  2. This really sounds like a power problem, do you have a lot of things plugged into USB's on your computer. (This used to ALWAYS happen to me when I had tons of USB things plugged into my PC.) I would try disconnecting some of your things taking up power and see if the problem persists, good luck my fellow PUBG player!
  3. Not really, only mouse and keyboard.

    So i've tried a shitload of things right now with a friend of mine who's pretty good with computers. And he thinks it's either something wrong with drivers updating causing the mouse to shut down ( Now it's only the mouse and not the keyboard anymore ).
    Or if not, some of the components might have gotten burned while doing stresstests ( Prime95 ) after my overclock.

    But i don't think it's any of the components since now the keyboard never stops and it's only the mouse that stops working.

    And now i get this message that it's one of the USB composite devices: . Went to device manager and uninstalled that particilar USB composite device, but the same just happened again.
    So right now i'm lost and i will buy windows 10, if that does not work i guess it's some of the components that got burned!
  4. As you have stated, the next step would be drivers, and reinstalling windows. I hope this works out for you!
  5. Did you manage to fix the issue? It's the exact same as mine but I get mine with all games and even sometimes when the PC isn't even under load. I've tried everything to fix it and even upgraded to Windows 10 but still nothing, did you Have any luck? Thanks
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