counter strike global offfensive

how much fps should i get with my pc?
MSI GT 1030
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  1. The game would definitely be more than playable since i can run CSGO on a laptop with intel HD graphics and an i3 processor. So i think you'd be pretty well of :)
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  2. but i only get 50 fps :(
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  3. owenelstone11 said:
    but i only get 50 fps :(

    What settings are you currently using?
    And do you have a lot of programs running in the background while you're playing?
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  4. low settings everything and 1024z768 res
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    owenelstone11 said:
    low settings everything and 1024z768 res

    Hmm weird, try looking into if you have any demanding applications running in the background at the same time.

    Make sure to check that you don't run your PC in power saving mode since that often cuts the power a bit.
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  6. already in high power mode
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