1500x or 1600x for Future proofing rig

Good Evening everyone,

Am looking to upgrade my rig, and getting a new mobo and CPU and moving my existing GTX970 and SSD onto the rig.

My main concern when looking to get my new rig is to future proof it so in a few years i can increase the Ram (From 16GB to 32GB DDR4 3200mhz) and add a newer GPU and not worry about the CPU bottle necking any performance.

Currently i know from my brief research that most games don't use multiple threads so the 1500x is the best price to performance right now but in future are more games looking to utilise multiple threads and in which case is the 1600x the better choice?

For those TL:DR just wondering if the 1600x is the better choice for a rig i shall be having for the next 5 years as i presume more games shall be using multiple threads.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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    Get the 1600 with a b350 board and overclock it to 1600x speed as it comes with a pretty robust cooler. The 1600 and 1600x both overclock around the same range ultimately. The 1500x might fall short in terms of 5yr longevity.
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