Getting weird fps drops and stutters

Hey Guys , let me try to explain my problem as good as i can

Couple of weeks ago i build a new gaming pc with the following specs
- I7 7700k
- Msi Carbon H270 Motherboard
- 16 Gb Crucial Balistix 2400 Mhz ram
- Coolermaster 80 + bronze 650 watt psu
- GTX 1060 6GB MSI Gaming
- NZXT Kraken x52

First example is battlefield 1 expecially on the Amiens map , i'm getting a constant 90 - 110 Fps on high preset , but then the spikes begin , i get 1 second freezes with drops to 7 fps

Player unknown battlegrounds gives me small freezes as well , but not as big as in battlefield , i could blame that on server lag , but i get atleast 10 times every match , with drops from 75 to 45 fps

I have the latest drivers installed and also have disabled things like that Xbox dvr system , shadow play also isn't running because G-force experience isn't running in the background

My temps are as followed

In Game: 60 - 68 c
Idle : 28 - 30 c

in game: never above 68

my last rig had a 6700k with a gtx 1070 , never had this problem i am encountering now , not even when battlefield just came out and had that CPU overload problem
the only thing i did there was turn off the turbo boost on the 6700k back then

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  1. What happened to your old rig that you built this?

    This build have a fresh Windows install?
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  2. I sold my old rig , and yes there was a fresh copy installed
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  3. Wutse said:
    I sold my old rig , and yes there was a fresh copy installed

    THeres an easy way to isolate if this is some sort of weird network problem. Do you see the issue playing single player in BF1 or any other game?
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