what are these old browser games ?

i was thinking of playing some older browser games that a played when i was 4-7 (or younger ) i looked around for a little bit but then i figured it would be impossible with all the games they are probably buried under . the first was a point and click adventure game . it looked like it was holloween and you are dressed like a ghost or something . you go into a mansion and at one point you go into one of those little elevators that people put stuff in . at the end you end up in a lab and you go into a portal with some other guy . there is also a part 2 but i forgot what happens in it . i don't know how to categorize the second game but you start of in a helicopter and have dodge enemy jets . than you go down an elevator shaft and have to dodge elevators . then its a top down shooter and you have to get from one place to another . i don't know what happens after that . i hope these games are not on yahoo games as that is not even a thing anymore . thank you for reading .
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