Frame rate capping to 60

So I was getting frame skip on my old GPU and as it was time to upgrade anyway, I went and bought a 1080. Now for some reason my frame rate in all games is being capped within the realm of 60-80fps.

  • I have a 144hz monitor which it is set to in both windows and Nvidia settings.
  • Vsync is turned off in Nvidia controls
  • Vsync is turned off in-game
  • Frame rate is set to uncapped/154FPS in-game.

This is super confusing to me because before my R9 290 died, I could run most games at 144.

EDIT: I should probably list my specs

GTX 1080
16GB DDR3 Ram
GA-H170 Gaming 3 Mobo.
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  1. Go into your display settings, and make sure it is set to 144hz, this includes the Nvidia settings, and the settings through the actual Windows display manager.
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  2. I have done this already, as I listed in my first post.

    EDIT: I've spent some more time messing around with it this evening and now it's not capping at the 60-80 like it was, it's back to being super stuttery. 200, 30, 150, 60, etc. as an example.
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  3. So it's more jumping up and down. Hmmm, can you cap your frames in game to 144 at all?
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