FPS drops In-Games (High CPU Usage)


I have this issue till I installed 64 bit Windows (When I had 32 bit,everything was fine)
When I play a game for about a 15 minutes,It starts to drop FPS every few minutes,from 60+ to 10-20.When I look on my CPU Usage,It is 100% and starts dropping.When I return to the game,It is fine for a few next minutes.My PC has a great cooling,It doesn't exceed 50 °C.It gets about 37-48 °C.I need help!
Thank you

Specs :
CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
GPU : Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti EVGA SSC 3.0 Gaming - 4 GB
Windows 10 64-Bit

Most people use this CPU even with this Setup and they don't have this problem.
Example :
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  1. 99% your cpu is throttling due to overheating. To make it evident, monitor your cpu temps while gaming and report back the results. Use RealTemp or any similar software.
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  2. Your cpu is aging it's still a good processor but is showing it's age same thing happens to me now with a new Pentium g4560 you may want to consider upgrading if you need help on upgrade paths I would sudjest a ryzen 1200 with a decent b350 and 8gb ddr4 ram you shouldn't have to pay over 250 for the whole combo
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  3. 2 weeks earlier It was OK,and It started happening,so I don't think upgrade is already needed.DD3 Should be okay.
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  4. https://m.newegg.com/combo/combodetail?comboid=3600180&combotype=2
    Here's a newegg combo that I would sudjest
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  5. Oh so it's just now
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  6. I would check on the heat issue then
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  7. And it could be your gpu dieing q6600s are about 10 years old now
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  8. After one CSGO Deathmatch Game,max 52°C of CPU,but the game didn't dropped fps yet.I'll just go,and If It'll start,I'll post the °C of Core :)
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  9. I don't want to Upgrade now,as I saw on videos,most people has this setup and no problems at all.
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  10. Several things come to mind. Provided that your CPU is adequately cooled, and that it does not exceed 50C while gaming with 100% load on all cores (if that temperature reading is correct at all!) the causes can be:

    - malware consuming CPU resources (hard to believe, it is a new install after all)
    - background applications consuming CPU resources (antivirus for example -> in my experience, Windows Defender is a horrible CPU hog. I usually manually disable it via administrative policy in windows)
    - specific game having a few specific CPU demanding scenes which bottleneck the CPU (have you considered OC-ing it a bit? It is a quite good overclocker.)

    Try monitoring how much time is used by other apps, apart from the game itself.
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