Ryzen 1600 on stock cooler, how to explain that weird OC behaviour?

Mobo: Asus prime B350 plus (latest BIOS)
CPU: Ryzen 1600
Cooler: stock
RAM: Corsair LPX Vengeace 3000mhz (2x4GB) CL15

My attempt to get 3.8ghz was successful (used Ryzen Master). 1.2625V, temps went up to 76C after 3h of prime95 on 2133Mhz RAM. I started to push ram in bios by activating Asus DOCP and set it on 2933Mhz, I used my parameters from Ryzen Master in bios as well, and here came the problems.

Processor wasn't anymore stable. I went back to 2133Mhz to check CPU stability, used Ryzen Master again. Basically to starting point. Finished with 3.7ghz under 1.3V, temps up to 68C prime95 2 hours. CPU is not stable at 3.8ghz mark with 1,35V...

I made CMOS reset, checked new bios again. It didn't help. How is that possible that I lost so much silicon potential?
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  1. No chip are the same, some wont clock as high. Regarding to RAM stability, that is a known issue with Ryzen CPU. Most cases has been fix by BIOS updates by now, but i still see many people here in the forums with ram problems when running at higher speeds.
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