Would these fans fit into the radiator?

I wanted to replace the fans in the NZXT X52 Rev 2 so I could get better CPU cooling, I know the 120mm size and stuff is right but the only thing is that I'm not sure if it's the right height and if it would even fit in there because of some other problem

That's the cooler ^

Those are the fans ^
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  1. yes they should however if they don't then you could just look for some long screws
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    Most fans out there are 25mm thick so no problem there when you swap out fans.

    But I would not use the fans you have picked since they are 3-pin and not 4-pin.

    You need this ones since they are 4-pin so you can still controll them the same way as the stock fans.
  3. Yes, but you do know your stock fan is better than the one you picked right?
  4. Oh I had no idea lmao
  5. I Feel super dumb now
  6. Dont be. We all make mistakes. And to be totaly up to date on all the different hardware spec is almost impossible.
    Just take your time and read up on the parts you want to get :)
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