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I get a nvidia geforce gtx 460 yesterday.
Its need a 500w Power Supply(minimum), but i only had 430w and when i start gaming its getting a black screen with 100% fan speed, i look after it and i think its my power supply.

My question is:
Can I lock the card to a stable clock to play with this PS until I get a bigger PS, and if its possible, can some one tell me how can i do it? :??:
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    yes use msi afterburner in order to achieve this .
    about the psu but quality, dont look to the watts or bronze or gold.

    buy the seasonic s12ii 520w for instead or the corsair cx550m
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  2. Hopefully that isn't an older Corsair CX 430. They were only rated for 30C, totally unsuitable for gaming with a graphics card as the shoddy capacitors cannot handle anything much higher than room temperature and wear out quickly.

    Obviously your GTX 460 is old too. Nvidia hasn't made them in years. It is likely the thermal compound is dried up, the heatsink is full of dust, or needs to be adjusted or all of the above.

    Also likely is that the electrolyte in the capacitors is no longer good since it is so old. That means the card can no longer filter ripple correctly, meaning unstable and crash.
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  3. it has own oc profiler and i underclock it so if i gaming it cant crash but i want a little more clock so can anyone tell me how to stable it to a clock waht my ps can handle?
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  4. yes use underclock it:)
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