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So I like the heat sinc on the NZXT kraken, but I like the look of a liquid tank in the build. Can I use a custom liquid tank and fluid lines, are they universal or a certain size I should be looking for? Also would the pump on the radiator be able to handle the extra liquid in the tank, dont really see how that would be a problem though.
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    the reservoir can be added to the Krappen AiO. but that's not an easy task. for someone inexperienced, it might result in completely broken AIO.
    the pump (that is inside the CPU block) can work regardless of the liquid volume in a loop. as long as you don't add other components with hard 90 turns, the pump will be fine.
    anyway, you are going to spend to spend close to 200$ which can get you a real custom loop and not some wannabe crap.
  2. I dont mind the cost, I just was wondering if I could. I will be getting it in the future anyway, I still need to add another 1080 ti as well.
  3. if you don't mind the cost, go with custom loop. it will perform better and quieter. it also looks awesome.
  4. Can you recommend custom loops that will be compatible with my Kraken X62?
  5. there is no such thing as custom loop compatible with AiO. You have to pick which one you going with.
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