How many i7 7700 computers would it take to get near a current quantum computer's power not speed.

I'd guess tens of thousands.

also how will it effect cryptocurrency? Will the market be saturated with newly hashed codes making existing codes diluted in worth.
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    with The 50-bit quantum computer you have ~2^49 computing power per second.
    this should be similar 14077497671065 seconds of work for 7700.
    still this expect full usage of quantum computing power and no problems with input output algoritms etc.
    we don't have YET any serious algorithm that can use that power. Problems solved are syntetic mostly to see how much we CAN do etc.
  2. It is a moot question as Quantum Computing can't process most software.

    The article is about hacking the blockchain, but the point is the same.

    Heck, by the time Quantum Computers are ready and accessible cryptocurrency may not even exist, or at least probably won't be mined by normal people (if at all).
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