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I have never built or really been into computing more than your general gaming in the past, however I have switched from console to pc recently and have fallen in love with it. I am looking to make my first pc and have been watching heaps of videos and reading forums like I'm sure many people do, however, I don't want to dish out upwards of a thousand dollars that I could've spent much better. So I figured that I would ask for everyones honest opinions. Keep in mind I have a budget about $1200 aud, which allows me to purchase this entire system on amazon, and I don't particularly want to make a lot of changes as I want the pc to feel like very personal. I also won't be looking to OC any of the components so that isn't a factor. Thank you very much.
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    Nice build, everything is well selected, would work together fine, well done! I would however suggest a couple of ideas:

    I would try to make room for an SSD drive (in case you're unfamiliar, these are electronic hard drives, they are much faster and responsive than traditional HDDs; however, they are also more expensive, but i would recommend including a 120 GB SSD for the operating system, and the 1 TB HDD for games and documents). How to make room for the SSD, considering you are already $100 over budget? Two ways:

    - You say you will not be overclocking, and indeed your CPU can't be overclocked. But the motherboard you have picked uses the Z270 chipset: this chipset is for overclocking. As you won't, pick a less expensive but just as useful B250 or even H210 motherboard, it will serve you just as well, and leave room for the SSD and even more.
    - Another option would be going for AMD, picking a Ryzen 5 1600 (which is almost as fast as the i5 you picked in single threaded loads, but way faster in multithreaded), and a B350 motherboard. This too would free some $$ for the SSD.

    An SSD is really cool, it makes booting up the computer a matter of seconds, the apps open quickly, it really makes a difference.

    Hope this helps! :)
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