12gb ram installed only showing as 8gb

We have a gigabyte FGA85X-UP4 motherboard. We had 8gb of ram and installed another 4gb the other day but only 8gb shows in windows 7. Speccy shows 12gb installed. What can be our problem here? He put the ram in as follows; The first 4gb stick is in the fourth slot then empty slot then the new 4gb in the third slot and other 4gb in fourth slot (slot closest to the CPU Heatsink. Are we doing it wrong? Also noticed that the computer slowed down a bit after installing new ram. It seems to me it is doing the opposite than it's suppose to! Can someone please help us out here? Do we need to update Bios or what do we need to do. Frustrated!
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    Try clear the CMOS by the jumper, make sure unplug the power core from the wall outlet. After that reboot the PC, if the RAM work, they will show up in 12GB.
  2. I'm assuming you meant Gigabyte GA-F2A85X-UP4

    Having 2 dimms in dual channel and a single dimm in single channel could potentially have a slightly negative performance impact when accessing data held on the single dimm
  3. How much ram does the bios say you have?

    The manual on

    Shows ram placement for getting dual channel, but with only 3 sticks of ram it is unclear.

    It shows channel 0 for slots 2 and 4, the 2 slots closest to the inside.

    I would populate those first with dimms.

    I would place your 3rd dimm in slot 1, closest to the edge.
  4. If all else fails I would update the bios.
  5. Thank you everyone, I'm having him try it.
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