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I recently bought a Lenovo ideapad 110 porcessor Intel(R) Cleron (R) CPU N3060 @1.60 GHz with 2 GB ram installed .It came with a factory installed windows 10 which seemed to be slowing the laptop down so a friend suggested i down grade to windows 7 .I then installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ,the installation ran successfully but now i see thatthere are no USB or network drivers ,so how do i install USB or network drivers to get my self started .Any advice on this thanks .
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    You need to download the drivers from Lenovo's support site and install it. Windows 7 will not be any faster than 10, you just have a slow laptop. There are phones that have 2 GB or more of RAM these days.

    Boot of a Linux Live CD, that should have drivers for your hardware to work, download the drivers to your C:\ drive, boot to Windows 7 and install those drivers.
  2. Thank you for you suggestion .After going to work i realized that my DVD drive is working ,so i simply downloaded the USB and network drivers from another PC copied it onto the disk and then installed it on the Lenovo .It worked ,and i now can download the other drivers needed for the laptop .
    Surprisingly my comment is the windows 7 is working way better then the windows 10 ever did ,i will definitely add a little ram to it to speed it up but its fine for now since its only being used for Microsoft word and excel .

    Thanks alot to Toms Hardware and hang-the-9 for your help ,much appreciated.
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