My PC won't fully turn off when I connect a second monitor to it

I just got a new second monitor for my newly build gaming PC and , whenever i enable the on set graphics on my ASRock motherboard( so I can connect the second monitor to the HDMI port on the motherboard,) the PC won't ever shut down and when I attempt to power it off, the PC just stays on but the display turns off so the only thing I can do is hold the power button. And it only happens when I enable the "dual monitor"(so it turns on the motherboard video ports) setting in the bios of the motherboard. It's getting really annoying. Any thoughts to help.
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  1. I understand that you have a discrete graphics card to which your first monitor is connected; and that the second monitor is connected to the integrated GPU on the motherboard. Have you tried connecting both monitors to the discrete GPU?
  2. Even if I could connect it all to the on board graphics (which I can't, It only has one HDMI) the same problem still emerges where the PC Still won't shut down all the way once the integrated graphics are turned on in the bios.
  3. What graphics card are you using?
  4. A GeForce 1060 3gb, but the graphics card is not the problem. I forget to mention that the HDMI works just fine on the motherboard when I turn on the integrated graphics in the bios. My only problem is that the PC won't ever fully shut down while I have the integrated graphics turned on. It just stays on.
  5. As that card can support 4 monitors why bother with the integrated GPU at all?
  6. I use HDMI and it only has one
  7. I know about video converters and yes that would work but, that is not a solution to my initial problem.
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