Can this psu (250W) run GTX650 ti boost 2GB ?

Can this psu (250W) run GTX650 ti boost 2GB ?
my spec:
pw casper fsp250-50hmn
2x 4gb Ram
1x fan 1x cpu fan
2x 2.0 usb
1 main ethernet card
1 main sound card
standart mouse & keyboard
1x 500gb hdd

I will only use it for a few days. Can this psu run GTX650 ?
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  1. You need Atleast 350W And a Good one the chances to run
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    Going from memory the 650TI needs a 6pin plug. I really doubt the 250W PSU has one. So no, I don't think you can.
  3. Not enough, it must be minimum 350W.
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