Please help! I'm having hdd issues..

Hi friends I need help
In my pc, I'm Using 1tb wd blue internal hard drive.. yesterday I installed the crystal disk information software to know my hdd states , unfortunately I got the caution in that software it's shows that

1.c5 current pending sector count : 1
2.c6 uncorrectable sector count : 1
I want know that count 1 errors can be fixed? Or do I need buy new hdd..
Any help will be greatly appreciated
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  1. You do have recent, restorable, data and OS partition backups, correct?
    While I think the problem might remain minor and not get worse, I recommend ensuring recent, restorable, OS and Data partition full image backups on external media is done at least weekly, for now.
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  2. I forgot to mention: get educated opinions from others here because I might be wrong about the problem maybe not getting worse.
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  3. Ok. But how about to fix this? It has only one (1)error count
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  4. @gaius_iulius
    So ur telling me that this drive will be safe? And it wont grow up bedsector in future?
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    I can't promise you that your drive will be safe, or that all other sectors will be good in the future, nobody can promise that ... but I can promise you that one bad sector will not influence disk performance.
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  6. @gaius_iulius
    About 10 days back my hdd has no issues, but i made the mistake that is i installed the hd video converter software and converted about 8gb movie h264 to h265, it takes about 15hours may be this is the probable mistake I made which leads to bedsector problem

    Ok I will maintain it good by defragementing daily.. .would you like suggest me which hard drive I have to purchase for high end durability? Now My present hdd life is 6 year
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  7. Purchasing a hard drive is largely a matter of opinion and personal experience.

    In general, Seagate HDDs have a lot of bad reviews these days, so that would not be my choice.

    Many people really like WD drives and will only buy those.

    Personally, I use Toshiba HDDs ... I have 2x 2TB Toshiba DT01ACA installed in my machine as data storage and backup drives for the SSDs, and I use 2x 5TB Toshiba Canvio external HDDs for additional storage and backups of the backups.

    I have used Toshiba drives for many years now and I have never had problems with any of them ... no faulty sectors, no crashes, nothing.

    But like I said, other people will have different opinions.
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  8. Tq sir for ur help
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  9. You're welcome.
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