In desperate need of help for fan connecting to mobo!!!!

Main question:
I have connected one back fan and 2 front fans, but the last connection is too. damn. far. away!!!! I have an MSI B350 Tomahawk and a CM Masterbox Lite 5. On the top right of the mobo, I connected a fan. On the bottom right of the mobo, I connected a fan. Near the middle of the mobo, I connected the back fan with the longest cable of them all, with it being tied up and folded 3 times. I have no extension for the last fan connector unless I'm stupid but the final connection for the last fan is in the bottom left, and I think that pump_fan 1 on the top right is for water cooling system, but I have connected 3 poky 4pin cable into 3 adapter things to become one poky 4pin cable for pumpfan1 so maybe that will help. I'm using the stock fans I got with the cooler master masterbox lite 5. the led ones.

Side question: I connected HDD Audio into JAUD_1, that's correct right?

Also how do I connect images so I can show my problems? I'll try downloading imgur and putting the link here if it works, but if you see this I still need help with putting images here. Thanks in advance.
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    You can either get extensions or a splitter so you can use a closer fan header for more then one fan. I believe one fan header on the motherboard can support two fans.
  2. If you don't want to run cables across the motherboard you can also try a Molex to fan adaptor.
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