Multiple Xbox One Controllers wont work on pc.

First of all, sorry for my bad english, its not my native language.
Hello, i currently bought 2 wired xbox one controllers. Whenever i plug them in my pc, both of them turns the lights on, but only one of the respond to the commands and work, the other one does not work at all even though its being detected in the device manager.
I already tried uninstalling AI Suite 3( which was full of errors and im not shure if i really erased it)
i also tried downloading the `xbox one controller` drivers and it works that way, the problem is that when i try to use CEMU EMULATOR(where i have mostly of my games) it wont detect neither of the controllers, i have to use the `Xbox Controller Driver`.
But now using this one, as i said in the beginning, only one controller will respond.
Any help please?
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  1. only one will work at a time...sorry buddy:( :/
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  2. Bacongaming14 said:
    only one will work at a time...sorry buddy:( :/

    Why is that? i dont think is a problem of the controllers but something about the pc.
    I Tried plugging them both in my laptop and they work simultaneously with cemu. But i cant use the laptop to play as it just not really good at performance.
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