Which will perform better in PC gaming? Intel Core i3 4670 OR Intel Core i5 3470? ONLY EXPERTS SHOULD REPLY

Heading explains all. Need help. And I am talking about computer processors NOT mobile processors?
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  1. For that price of the i5 ,you can get rysen 5 1600 for 190$ .It's much better in terms of both gaming and productivity. A b350 mobo for OC orelse b320 will do
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    well for a start there is no i3 4670.

    The difference between the two is minimal. They both have the same clockspeed (roughly) They are 1 generation apart, so in theory the I5 4670 will be approx 5-10% better than the I5 3470. And the other difference being the platform, the 4670 is an LGA1150 socket, and the I5 3470 is LGA1155
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