Recommendations about graphics card fit.

Hey guys noob question here but its been a while since I did anything hardware related to a desktop but tried and think I goofed up so asking for advice.

I was trying to stay under a fairly tight budget so I bought a HP Envy 750-514, a GeForce GTX 1060 (dual fan model) since it was the only thing they had above a 150 in my price range, and a smart 650W from Thermaltake for the wattage issue from adding a graphics card.

I verified that the websights said they were compatible and that the box length could hold the card. Unfortunately the card lays on the release for Memory chips so I can't fully seat the card. The part that lays on the release is also the part that says warranty void if removed. What do you guys think, any suggestions?
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  1. I suppose it's the backplate of the GPU that's getting in the way? What brand/model 1060 is it?
  2. try to return it and ask for a replacement (model)
    if what u have is EVGA, u might be in luck, since their customer service is great and they might just be willing to give u the replacement

    and next time, u should check through the pic too, don't just look on spec text :)
  3. The graphics card is the PNY Nvidia VR ready Geforce GTX 1060 3GB Dual Fan Over clocked edition. It is the back board that is pressing on the chip release.

    Unfortunately it was locked up in the case with most of the information on the back side of the case so I couldn't verify all the specs when I bought it. Rookie mistake not checking but had family visiting complaining and had to go quickly.

    Haven't built a computer or dealt with hardware since around 2002 so a bit out of my league on all the changes since then. There has definitely been a lot. Lol.
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