What is causing this weird noise? (laptop Acer VX15)

I just bought this laptop some days ago. I didn't notice this strange noise until yesterday. It's not actually loud but when the room is silent it can be annoying. I recorded it:

The noise seems a little bit louder when the laptop is plugged in, but it also sounds when it's not. It doesn't increase if you're doing any "hard" work though. This laptop comes with an SSD.

It also doesn't seem the performance is affected so far. Everythings works fast and fine.

Do you think it could be the battery? Honestly, the laptop did some forced shut downs because I was testing undervolting. Maybe it got damaged.

Thank you.
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    it sounds like a fan...laptops arent the best when it comes with fans ...if its the fan, you cant really do anything about it
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