What grit (texture coarseness) are hard mouse pads/mats?

I am building a desk with a 2 part epoxy top and would like to do 1 of 2 things. I would like to either sand a mouse pad section into the surface in a designated area or perhaps make a mouse pad using some sort of thin plastic sheet backed with a thin foam/rubber.

Epoxy can be sanded to a vast range of coarseness levels and this method would be pretty nice considering there would not be any raise lip ledges of a mouse pad. I am just not entirely sure I want to go all in on a cloudy square section on the top. Making a hard mat from plastics that would allow such is another idea/option, but I do not know how fine the finish needs to be to get optimal mouse tracking.

Does anyone know around what grit sandpaper to use for solid tracking of mice? I considered testing a few on a piece of acrylic but a range or base starting point would be great.
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  1. Make sense.

    However, consider this: things will change.

    You may end up "re-sanding/re-surfacing" or otherwise needing to refinish the mouse section.

    My recommendation:

    Make the issue moot. Leave the desk area alone. Make the desk consistent and just find and use some mat or other surface upon which to use your mouse.

    Simpler. Provides more flexibility. (Imagine a guest who is left-handed and your mouse "surface" is on the right....)

    So, if anything, go with an interchangeable mouse pad but not one embedded in the desktop.

    Leaves you free to make whatever mat you wish and experiment accordingly.
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