What should I upgrade first? CPU or GPU?

Hey guys i'm going to upgrade my pc soon but i don't know what is better so there is my build with what i'm looking for it's GPU or CPU with motherboard and ram :

-GTX 970 G1 gaming ----> GTX 1080


-i7 2600 -----> i7 7700k
-H61H2-LM3 (motherboard) -----> GIGABYTE Z270X Ultra Gaming
-8 gb of ram 1333 MHZ -----> 16 Go DDR4 BALLISTIX Tactical (i don't know the frequency)

-1 TB hard drive 7200rmp
- Corsair TX650M 80 plus gold
-Monitor: Asus 2560 x 1440 / 144hz / 1ms

I play most of my games in 1440p like R6 / Warframe / arma 3 (a lot)
ty for your help guys ;)
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    gtx 970 to 1080

    and wait for the new coffee lake i7 8700k to be available.
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