My first pc build 950$ CAD - NEED SUGGESTIONS

I am on a strict 950$ CAD budget for a gaming pc and recently made a list of components on pc part picker. I need suggestions on things to improve for the build such as the overall cost and maybe fix some compatibility issues with the parts.

I have my mind set on a GTX 1060 3GB GPU and and M.2 SSD. And yes, I need the headset and keyboard+mouse combo listed in the build....

Oh and let me know if you find a way to squeeze a little bit of RGB/red leds in there cause the case has a glass side panel. Yes, RGB does increase performance.
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    That SSD is too small to be of use to you on a gaming pc. It's too small for windows 10 or well most other windows installations which tend to balloon with time (and win updates). I'd go with minimum 275Gb for ssd if you intend to install windows on it. Otherwise, forego ssd entirely until you've got more cash to spend.
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