Intel i7 7700k overclocking temps too high?

I tried to overclock my processor (Intel i7 7700k @4.2Ghz) to 5.0Ghz. I was able to achieve a successful overclock of 5.15Ghz at 1.35v. The issue is, the Cinebench r15 benchmark gives me temperatures of 88°c. I decided I'd tone it down to a more reasonable 5.0Ghz since that was the goal in the first place; yet I still received temps of 87°c. I have a Kraken x62 AIO water cooler so I don't understand whats going on. Am I putting in too many volts perhaps? My idle temps are anywhere from 35-40°c and my ambient temp is usually around 20-24°c. I was anticipating lower temps when I first built this PC initially so I'm not sure if I got a faulty cooler or a slightly less performing cooler.
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    Voltage is the big heat maker. It sounds like you have a good overclocker so try 1.3v. Some have hit 5Ghz on only 1.28v which is about the best. Point is your 5.15Ghz at only 1.35 is very good with the best being 1.33v. Here is some information on clock to voltage.
  2. You have done a good job and the temps are about right at 1.35v. I had to go to adaptive/offset to keep my overclock stable and below 1.325v on my 6700K at 4.7 anything above that and my CPU would need above 1.4v no matter what route I took. Looks like you have a really good 7700K. It would be good to know what your temps are at load on somethig like IntelBurn...

    Another person has just posted his overclock on the i7-7700K at 5GHz and he managed to do that at 1.296v...Maybe he can help with his settings:
  3. Great job man, good overlock.
    You can change PLL OC voltage to drop the temperatures, but seems like no one can confirm if they are for real.
    Here are mines after prime test at 4.8ghz. 5ghz was only few degrees higher, but I'm affraid they are not real.
    Using Kraken too, 3 fans instake 1 exhaust.
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