GPU only works with integrated graphics enabled

Hello, i have found out that my Video Card only works if in BIOS i have the "Integrated Graphics" option on "Enabled" instead of "Auto" which i had before. If i have it on "Auto" my PC gets stuck on Motherboard splash screen and i cant even get into BIOS so i have to unplug the card and change it back.
I want to ask if having this option on "Enabled" somehow means my PC isnt using my GPU but it is using my Integrated Graphics even though my cables are plugged into the GPU.
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  1. Would help if you posted full system specs so we know what you are working on, including power supply brand and model.

    I don't see how you can be using the onboard graphics if you have the connections to the monitor on your video card. What do benchmarks and Device Manager say?
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